Paper & Ink Selection

Guidelines for Selection of Paper & Inks for 7" & 10" & 12" Record Labels

We produce the highest quality records labels for your record using superior supplies. Our labels are usually printed on a standard 80 pound paper stock. Our standard paper stock includes a high quality white paper along with 14 pre-printed color paper choices. The numbers listed in parentheses indicate the corresponding number as listed in the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color guide. The current paper choices include the following colors:

  • Beige (PMS-155)
  • Light Green (PMS-375)
  • Dark Green (PMS-356)
  • Pink** (PMS-2365)
  • Silver (PMS-877)
** Pink is a 20% screen of magenta (pantone color is an approximate color)
  • Gold (PMS-873)
  • Light Blue*** (PMS-297)
  • Orange (PMS-021)
  • Red (PMS-185)
  • Yellow (Process Yellow)
***Lt. Blue is a 20% screen of process blue (pantone color is an approximate color)
  • Black*
  • Royal Blue* (PMS-280)
  • Maroon* (PMS-195)
  • Purple* (PMS-261)

* You must use silver ink when printing on these dark color backgrounds.

Click here to view/download/print our stock label paper color chart (PDF)

If our stock background colors do not meet your needs, we can print any custom color backdrop to match your selected Pantone Matching System (PMS) color for an added fee. This fee covers the ordering of the special ink requested along with any press cleaning fees and would be added to the standard cost of printing your record labels. Customers should note that during the actual manufacturing process of the records, the pressing plants use heat to dry the labels which can sometimes cause changes to the final color of the label when it is pressed into the record. These changes are beyond our control and very rarely produce a major variation in final color.

We carry a wide variety of ink colors to meet your needs. We have 11 stock colors which can be selected at no additional charge. Those colors include the following:

  • Black
  • Maroon (227)
  • Process Blue
  • Orange (021)
  • Reflex Blue (dark)
  • Purple (Pantone Purple)
  • Brown (469)
  • Red (185)
  • Green (347)
  • Silver (877)
  • Process Magenta

The numbers listed in parentheses indicate the corresponding number as listed in the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color guide.

If our stock colors do not meet your desires, we can print any custom color ink overprint you desire for an added fee. Customers may order a special color by providing the appropriate Pantone Matching System (PMS) number when placing their order. Customers should keep in mind that slight color variations in the final product color may occur due to the heat applied during the final pressing process at the record plant.

Many customers request "white ink" on their labels. To produce white lettering on your label. The process is called reverse printing. This is where you start with white paper and flood the color of ink to let the desired white parts show through.

Customers should also be careful when picking their ink and paper color combinations as some combinations, when printed, will blend to produce a totally different color (Example: Process blue ink on yellow paper will produce a green printed image). Pastel colors will also change dramatically due to the heating processes applied at the manufacturing plant. Pastel colors do not handle the heating process very well.

Halftones or grayscale images should be submitted in a format not over 60% in greyscale values or higher. Grayscale values going over 60% in grayscale value may make tones go much darker than intended. Going way over 65% in grayscale values can make images plug or fill in and become solid when printed.

HPS does not have the capability to print CMYK type full color labels, however, we can do many forms of multiple color work and spot color printing. We recommend that you contact us regarding any multi-color projects for specifics on our ability to produce the product you desire. To prepare your labels for printing, we recommend that you read through our Artwork Preparation page and refer to our Record Label Templates for the proper artwork dimensions.